Customer must submit a valid drivers license and credit card or debit card must be present at time of rental pick-up. The name on the license must match the name on the credit or debit card.

Customer must pay a deposit in addition to rental fees in advance by credit or debit card (MUST be Bank Issued ONLY).

A $200 deposit applys for Credit Cards. A higher deposit of $500 applys for Debit Cards, Underage/Second-Payer/Limited Credit or Declined Card and/or Residency Issues or partial payment in cash. *TWO FORMS OF RESIDENCY MAY BE REQUIRED. We do not accept pre-paid cards, web account cards, or gift cards.

Customer/Driver Must Be 21 or older to rent. UNDERAGE FEE: $25.00/Day for Drivers under 25. (Note: UNDERAGE FEE is $30.00/Day for Drivers under 25 for Toolcraft Trucks.) To rent 12 & 15 PASSENGER VANS; Driver MUST be 25 years of age or older 

Customer must have proof of insurance, purchase supplemental insurance, or execute a Personal Financial Responsibility Certification.

ADDITIONAL DRIVER or 2ND PARTY PAYEE FEE: - $10.00/Day/per Driver/Payee. ($25.00/Day/per Driver for Toolcraft Trucks) All 2nd Party Payees must execute contract and Personal Responsibility Certificate with Driver. This 2nd Party is fully responsible for any and all losses as is the Driver. NON-U.S. RESIDENTS MUST PURCHASE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE (27.99/Day)


AIRPORT FEE: 20% OF RENTAL FEE (Vt. State mandated fee)

All vehicles are rented fully fueled and must return fully fueled: RE-FUELING FEE IS $7.00/Per Gallon (Fuel may be pre-purchased to avoid fees)

NO SMOKING OR ANIMALS are allowed in any of our vehicle or trucks, a minimum $250 cleaning fee will be charged for any violation of this policy.


AFTER-HOURS 24-HOUR PICKUP/DROP-OFF CUSTOMER SERVICE: $65.00 (Offered if a representative is available after-hours.) 

12/14 & 15 Passenger Van Reservations must be paid in advance and all cancellations will incur a (1) ONE-DAY FEE (REGARDLESS OF DURATION OF NOTICE)

MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD: (1) One Day. Afterward: $18.98/Hour will be charged for up to two (2) hours. After (2) two hours of delinquent vehicle return, a full additional day will be charged.

UNPAID TICKETS & FINES: We charge Actual Fine + $37.50 Processing Fee. All above terms, services, conditions and pricing may be subject to change without notice.

SERVICE ANIMALS, RENTER RESPONSIBILITIES, & THE LAW - "We Are Service Animal Friendly!" Traveling with a service dog is possible thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the United States Department of Transportation. People with disabilities can travel, explore the world, and visit far away family members while accompanied by a service animal. Legally, car rental agencies are not allowed to deny a disabled person the right to use their service dog. To make the process of traveling with a service animal easier, please try to notify our agents in advance.

Your Rights and the Rights of the Car Rental Agency
Rental car companies are legally required by the ADA to waive pet fees and “no pets allowed” policies when it comes to service dogs, However, the car company can charge the Renter for any and all damage that the service dog causes - in general that is a minimum of $250 for steam cleaning and ‘sidelining’ the vehicle. Damage may include but is not limited to; excess pet hair/odor, stains, feces and/or urine present, and other physical damage. Rental agency employees are allowed to ask the owner if the dog is a service animal and what service is provided, but they are not allowed to ask for documentation or a demonstration.

Not Included: Emotional Support Animals
Service dogs have special rights when it comes to travel, but other types of supportive animals do not. Therapy, companion, and emotional support pets aren’t protected under the ADA.

In full compliance with all ADA laws, Green Mountain Car Rentals recommends that pets are properly secured in the vehicle in a pet carrier, pet car seat, or similar safety restraint (for the animal’s safety) and a blanket be laid over seats if the Renter feels it may be required.